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rn Dogs And Pups, a part of New Delhi-based S-Media Group is a bimonthly magazine which promotes Responsible Pet Parenting. Started in July 2004, the magazine brings information which takes care of your pets in all possible ways. It gives very useful tips and information for good pet parenting.


The magazine which celebrates eternal pet love has caught the pulse of the reader and fulfils their desire to pamper their pet in a perfect way.
Dogs and Pups target people who are passionate for dogs, whether they are pets or strays. The information is covered both nationally and internationally. It gives all-round information on health, training, nutrition, grooming, etc; besides information on the latest and the best canine/feline products to pamper our lovely pets

The magazine is also for a cause to promote awareness for strays and abandoned dogs and cats and the people who help them. The content is presented in an easy-to-understand manner for reader’s benefit.
Each issue of Dogs And Pups makes you understand your pet better and gets you acquainted with pets’ needs, how to ensure great health, information on training, agility & grooming. The magazine aims to improve dog health and welfare, encourages positive training methods, and to bring an end to puppy farming. While campaigning for change, the magazine aims to be warm, friendly and entertaining at all times.
Let’s make the world a better place for our dogs. Subscribe today and become a responsible pet parent.


Provides latest information on best pet products
Informative and entertaining
Provides loads of health tips for your pet
Makes you a responsible pet parent
Covers information both nationally and internationally
1 Year Subscription: 6 Issues
3 Year Subscription: 18 Issue

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