PetSpot Cat Scratcher Piano (LxWxH – 16.5×7.5×4 Inches)


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Petspot Piano scratcher For Cats is thoughtfully designed for cats of all ages. The sturdy frame supports kitty, and the corrugated “wave” is a great space for resting or scratching. Scratching helps keep kitty’s claws strong and in good health. Easy Life Scratch Snuggle & Rest includes catnip for added fun.
The extra thick corrugate panels support kitty as she rests, and can be used to curl up on or stretch and scratch. The Piano Scratcher comes with catnip, and is perfect for cats that love to lounge, rub and scratch!
In nature, cats scratch in order to keep their claws strong and in good health. Claws are vital for hunting, climbing, as well as marking and defending a cat’s territory. Domesticated cats need ways to address these natural behaviors yet keep them from damaging your home! Petspot Scratching Toys provide interesting designs and materials that attract and keep your cat focused on objects that are appropriate for scratching.

Satisfy cat’s natural need to scratch and mark territory using claws
Provides appealing scratching object to help minimize damage that can be caused by cats
Suitable For all cats that need large surfaces to scratch as well as rest
To help keep claws clean and strong

Dimension – (LxWxH – 16.5×7.5×4 Inches)
Material – Corugated Cardboard
Lifestage – All age cats

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