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If you have a cat then a litter tray is a must have product in the house. It is important to fill it with a good litter that will help to absorb various odour. The PetSpot cat Litter will help you to restrain all kind of fecal and urine odour. This will help you to maintain an odour free home always.

The litter comes in a 10 kg pack that is economical and a must have for all cat owners. The superior quality helps to control all kind of odour. This litter bag from PetSpot will help to remove all odor from your house. The PetSpot Cat Litter is made with one of the highest quality clay that is made with sodium bentonite. This will be help in clumping making it extremely easy to clean the litter with the help of a scoop.
Removes all odor from litter box
Clumps easily to ensure easy disposal
Safe to use on pets
Can be used for both cats and kittens
Weight – 10 kg, 5 kg

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