Know how you can feed your dog
19 Nov
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Exercise for Old dogs!!!
19 Oct
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Taking care of your teeth becomes a huge deal for all of us considering the continued lecture of our parents. But do you know just like as your oral health is important, in the same way, the oral health of your pet is also crucial. There are a number of reasons why oral health is important like aesthetics, being able to eat, preventing severe pain, keeping oral hygiene, and so on. Fortunately, keeping the oral health of your pet maintained is easier than you think. Have a look at these ideas that will help you in keeping the oral health of your pet maintained. 1. Brushing It will take just 5 minutes of yours to brush the teeth of your pet. It helps in keeping the teeth clean, lessen tartar, eliminates plaque, and keeps the smell away. Therefore, make sure you spare 5 minutes and brush your teeth on a daily basis. Daily brushing helps in reducing the bacteria, therefore, reduce the chances of diseases in the pup’s mouth. 2. Raw bones Raw bones are not just a great tasty treat but also they offer great nutrients to your pets especially your dogs. The friction caused by the raw bones scrapes away the leftover food, prevent the tartar build-up, and reduces the dental plaque. There are certain enzymes and bacteria are available in the raw bones that stop the growth of bacteria. 3. Water additives You can use the natural water additives that can be directly poured in the bowl of the dog so that whenever the pet takes a drink then the various organic components can freshen the mouth of the dog and free up the food particles preventing the build-up of tartar. Conclusion Yes, it is really a big challenge to keep your pet’s oral health maintained especially with a cat. It is great to start good oral habits when your pet is younger. If you are getting trouble in brushing the teeth of your pet then try with the flavored toothpaste to give a treat to your pets. In the end, make sure you properly take care of the teeth of your pet because oral health is more crucial is it can affect the overall health of the pet
29 Aug
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