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Orione Animal Care Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2012 by Dr. Vishal Sharma. Orione is a Delhi based company. Vishal Sharma has a compassion for animals and is a best practicing veterinarian. Orione main moto was clear that the company will definitely do something to improve the overall development of common pet species like dog and cat. Orione have its own manufacturing plant in India. All the products manufactured in Orione Animal Care Pvt. Ltd. are as per US export guidelines. Al the products are 100% quality tested and safe. Orione products range from pet skin care to pet nutrition. All these products can be used by any pet, however sensitive your pet may be. All the nutrition products have been formed according to the recommendation of National Research Council of the US.
All the products are 100% safe.
All the products are 100% quality tested.
All the products are 100% tested for being allergy free.
100% accordance to the recommendation of NRC
Products have most superior composition in their class
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