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Jean Cathary a famous veterinarian in France, founded Royal Canin in 1967. Slowly and gradually he started spreading his roots from France to all over the World. Royal Canin is proved to be a leader for pet health care products. It organizes a range of pet health nutrition products that are based on science and purely fits the requirement of your pets. Royal Canin adapted popular trends in cats and dogs food. The main of industry was to bring precise nutritional solution for your pet nutritional needs. Today in market you can find many dry pet food brands but from the past decades Royal Canin has earned a renowned name in market for its palatability of food. Royal Canin believes that every pet has got different specifications and have unique nutrimental requirements. Keeping this in mind, Royal Canin team especially formulated premium health nutrition line of food for the pets, eg. specific formulated food for high energy dog requirements. The food developed by team is based on breed, size, lifestyle and age of the pets. All these points make Royal Canin more specific than other brands available in Market. The main motive of the team is to improve the life of your pet and thus built a healthy friendship relation between you and your pet.


Royal Canin every individual dog food diet comes with a mix of more than 50 nutrients, and it will be perfect to satisfy the nutritional needs of your pets. Perfect kibble shape and size is the unique aspect of Royal Canin.


Perfect kibble size and shape for each product.
Satisfy the nutritional needs
Maintains dental health
Ensures satisfaction
Ensures palatability
Helps pet to live a healthy life
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