Keep your pets safe in summer Dogs Cats Fishes
30 Mar

Summers are body drenching for human being and pets both .So various measures should be taken to keep your pet away from heat stroke .You can buy accessories from to keep your favourite animal safe in summers.

Different ways to keep pets safe in summer:


  • Never leave dogs in the hot car because it will be risky for them. While walking, make sure to stay away from hot surfaces because it can burn the dog’s paws.
  • Provide a shade for the dog when outside. Make sure to access fresh water which will help to maintain body temperature of your pet.
  • Keep dogs away from external parasites and consult veterinarian about the best product for your pet. There are some sunscreens available in the market for pets, so you should apply sunscreen on your pet before taking out.


  • Keeps your cat inside home when the sun is at peak. Make it easy to access them fresh water to keep their body hydrated.
  • Keep the curtains close during the day, so that heat cannot enter in the house and it will keep your pet safe. Make sure to circulate cool air in the house which helps to protect the pets from heat.
  • Do not leave your cat in the hot car and provides shade in the garden .


  • Change the water of fish aquarium daily which provide the fresh water to the fishes and keep them safe in the summers.
  • Off the lights of the aquarium because lights will warm the water of the aquarium. Room light is sufficient to see fishes moving and it will not harm fishes in the hot days.

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