How To Protect Your Pets From Cold in Winter
04 Oct

There are different pets which one can keep at their places and some of the pets have the same type of care, but some have the care which is different from others. The one care which is necessary and each pet want is the love. Besides the love and care, physical care is also essential as per the need of the pets. The cat and dogs are the most common pet found in the homes, offices etc. You can buy products from easily at reasonable prices.

Dogs require the special care during the cold weather such as –

  1. It is necessary to have them daily walk outside so one need to cover them properly and then take them out.
  2. They need to be taken care even in locked car as car extreme hot or cold temperature could make them uneasy.
  3. If dogs are taken to the snowy area, then their feet need to be checked. If they are walking on roads and pavements then salt and grit.
  4. Food should be adjusted as per the weather. During the winters it should be less as they are lazy and vice versa.

Cats are sensitive and require care, such as

  1. They should be kept dry and warm. If they become wet, then make them dry at the earliest.
  2. During freezing cold, they do not prefer going outside so give them their own space.
  3. Do not use the antifreeze as they are allergic to it.
  4. During winters give them extra toys to keep them busy.

Fishes are small but look beautiful and as they are too sensitive extra care during winter is required such as

  1. During winter their metabolism becomes slow, so the feed should be according to their need. They should be given a high protein diet during the summer so that they could have managed easily during winters.
  2. If the water of the aquarium freezes then it should be cleared regularly as it could produce toxic gases which are harmful.

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