05 Jun

Dogs have come a long way with humans. From being wild animals to our companions, dogs have adapted to the human lives pretty well. But one thing which hasn’t changed over time is their sensitive stomach. They are still used to their ancestral diets as a carnivore, which is a protein-based diet free from any grain food, is ideal for them.

During the Second World War, dog kibble with inexpensive fillers like corn, wheat and barley were produced in bulk to cut down the cost of production. Even today, most commercial dog foods have corn and wheat as their main ingredients.

There are numerous dog food options available in the market. But it would be best to serve your pooch grain free dog food. Given the fact that their primitive stomach is not able to produce digestive material to break down complex carbohydrates and cereal grains, these products end up harming the lining of the digestive system. The food remains in the body after fermentation, results in allergies, obesity, leaky gut and even bowel inflammation. Grain free food is not only good for your dog, but also brings in a couple for health benefits.

So, here are a few benefits of grain free dog food.

  1. It makes your dog’s coat shinier and softer

The growth of dog coat depends on the type of diet your dog is taking. With the presence of omega fatty acids in the grain free dog food, the coat gets a new life, turning shinier and softer.

2. Produces compact stool

When your pet switches to a grain free diet, it will produce comparatively less waste. The stool will be less frequent in number and smaller in portion. With added potatoes and tapioca to replace carbohydrates, it acts as a thickening agent which slows down the food’s transit time through the intestines.

3. Eliminates food allergies

Some benefits of grain free dog food include avoiding food allergies. Commercial dog food carries protein in them which would irritate the immune system. Moreover, having it on a daily basis could send the system over an edge, resulting in itchy skin or other allergies. Dogs are often allergic to wheat and corn, so if they consume grain free food, they will be away from all the irritants.

4. Improves Dog’s breaths

It is a common fact that grains get stuck to dog’s teeth. And, till the time they are washed away by their saliva, bacteria start feeding the food remnants and producing a foul smell. But if you use grain free food, you will not have to worry about such a situation.

So, if you are thinking to switch from commercial food to grain free food, then this is the time. With such benefits of grain free dog food, your pooch will have a better life.


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