pet care in hot weather
23 Feb

As the warmer months of the year approach, dogs start feeling uncomfortable. In certain cases, extra heat can even cause fatality. Often, pet experts release warnings to avoid dogs from direct exposure f the sun or walking them in 21 ̊C heat. As the summer is about to come, dog owners feel concerned about taking care of their pooches. If you are a dog owner, worried about your dog’s health and wellness during the warm summer months, here are a few tips that could help you with proper care of your dog in hot weather:

  • Walk your dog when it is cooler outside:

Early mornings and late evenings are the cooler times of the days. You can enjoy great shade at these timings which will be comfortable for the dog as well as for you. This is the best way to avoid sun exposure and give your dog an ideal walk while preventing sun strokes.

  • Feed cold water to your dog:

Dogs need constant water supply to keep them cold during the hot weather. However, the water in the feeders gets warm due to high temperature. An effective way to keep your dog’s water cold by adding some ice cubes to the water. This way, the water can be kept cooler for longer intervals.

  • Paddling pools are a great aid:

If your dog loves water, set up a paddling pool as it is a great way of beating the heat. The dog should be left to enjoy pool paddling and water splashing to cool off. This helps you keep your dog active as well as cold during the heatwave.

  • Sunscreens are important:

Just like us humans, dogs too need some sunscreen protection. You must use a pet safe sunscreen on dog’s body parts that are exposed to the sun. Nose tips, ears, etc. are a few important parts to care. In case you own a hairless breed, you need to be extra cautious to avoid sun damage.

  • Offer them damp towel bed:

Take some towels, dampen them and put it out in the shade to let the dog sit/ lie on them whenever it feels hot. Also, you must train your dog to rest during the hot days, instead of playing and hoping around.

  • Check before you walk:

Pavements become hot for dog walking in the summers. Your pooch’s paws can get burn from excessively hot pavements. So, before you let your dog walk through any surface, make sure it is not very hot. Touch the surface, if you cannot bear the heat for 5 seconds, then the surface is too hot for the dog.

These are a few tips that you can use for taking care of your dog during hot weather.

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