05 Dec

If you own a pet it is your duty to bring up your pet’s with utmost care. Your pet physical maintenance will contribute to your dog’s overall health. For this reason dog lovers spend a lot every year on grooming products. If you are searching for best dog grooming products, Nappets is one stop destination for all your pet needs.

If you are new master then it is obvious to get nervous for the first time but with right instructions and little practice you and your mate will spend quality time together and will save a lot of money. Nappets bring you list of six best and essential dog grooming products:

  1. Grooming comb and brush:

Two most essential dog grooming products that are a must in your grooming kit are comb and brush. The one side of the comb has bristles that will provide finer coat and other side have bristles that are wide enough to avoid snagging.

This important product will leave your pet’s hair fluffy without hurting him.

  1. Grooming table:

Dog grooming table helps you keep your pooch in the right place and give them the best during the grooming season. Purchasing a right grooming table will help you to keep your pet grooming supplies at right place as these tables comes with attached baskets.

  1. Grooming clippers

Many times your dogs need to be shaved. Various features that you should look for in dog clippers include light weight, ease of maintenance, and multiple speed option, quiet and easily manoeuvred.

  1. Dog shampoo with hair dryer:

Just like a baby shampoo it is must that you use dog friendly shampoo. Choose the dog shampoo that is soothing and will not leave any residue on their fur.

Hair dryer is another important grooming tool that will help your pet dry quickly.

  1. Ear cleaner:

This is often ignored but it is important to clean your dog’s ear as dogs get mites and ear wax that can be harmful for them. Get a cleanser that is natural and will make your dog feel fresh.

  1. First aid tools:

It’s better to take precaution than running to vet everytime your dog gets hurt.

Shopping for these products is now a hassle free process, Nappets is the best online pet shop where you can get wide range of dog grooming products at affordable prices.

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