14 Aug

A dog is best as pets and when it comes to their safety and protection against cold, experts suggest that dog coats provide dogs with extra warmth and protection. Dog breeds with short or less hair feel cold during the cold season. Every breed of dog has a different temperature tolerance level, so before exposing to cold weather just be aware of their resistance against cold and invest in a good dog coat. Dog coat acts as a good shield against snow, rain and the windy weather.

When you decide to buy a dog coat, it is very important to consider your lifestyle and requirements. Some of the important factors to consider are; whether the dog coat will provide enough warmth in extremely cold climatic conditions? Is it durable enough to last for a longer period of time? Some other features to look for such as easy to wear, weight, waterproof reflective properties, night vision or shower proof.

To get the right coat size for your dog, it is very important to measure his exact size. Now the question arises how to measure the size. For that, here are some simple measurements that will give you the exact size for your dog coat:

Neck: Mark your measurement around the neck, as we do it for a collar. Keep a little gap for a comfortable fit.

Chest: Take the measurement around the chest area which is just behind the front legs.

Length: To get the exact length, measure from the base of the collar to the point from where the tail starts.

Taking measurements in such a way will help you to find the ideal coat size for your dog. If you have breeds like Pug, Beagle, Parsons Jack Russell or Cocker Spaniel with neck measurement around 12-15″ (30cm-39cm), then go for collar size Medium (2 cm wide). For breeds like Labrador, Great Dane, German Shepherd or Ridgeback extra large (2.5 cm wide) collar size fits best as they have neck measurement between 20-23″ (50cm-60cm). Rare breeds like Jack Russell Mini, Border Terrier, Yorkie Mini fits in narrow collar with size (1.2cm wide). Their neck measurement is approx 11-13″ (29cm-33cm).

The above measurement techniques will definitely help you to get the right size coat for your dog.

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