Having pet fishes is amazing but the sea creature demands a lot of care and attention. From maintaining the right environment to high hygiene levels and of course offering the best food, you need to ensure that the fishes are fed and looked after in the best way. Aini Fish Food makes your experience with pet fish easier and healthier. Different fishes have unique feeding requirements and Aini Fish Food is made to cater to them all. An optimally balanced mix of flakes, Aini Fish Food caters to varied diet needs. The fish diet food is made considering all the dietary and nutritional requirements of pet fishes and claims containing all important nutrients as well as trace elements. The presence of natural active ingredients of the fish food promotes good health while increasing the appetite of the fishes significantly. Boost healthy growth, body shape, coloration, and sexual maturity of your pet fishes with Aini Fish Food products. Key features:

  1. Rich in natural ingredients
  2. Promotes health, natural coloring, and vitality
  3. Improves food conversion and reduce fish excretion
  4. Ideal for clean and clear aquarium conditions
  5. A balanced diet for pet fishes
  6. Affordable and easy to store