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Spotty is one of the best companies that offer unique and innovative dog training products. Pet parenting can be a problematic as well as tedious task when it comes to train your little puppy and dog. This company can rightly be called as savior which aims to assuage this problem faced by pet parents.

Spotty’s complete range of training tools caters to promote hygiene with care considering desired training requirements and specific needs of pets. Specifically designed under the superior craftsmanship of product designers and pet experts, these products are extremely efficacious and convenient to use.


Spotty Train & Play Treat Pouch
capacity to hold up to 2 cups of treats
Crafted from hard-wearing canvas assures durability
Designed in a shape that will naturally hold closed but pop open easily with one hand
Comes with strong plastic and metal clip for attaching to pants or belt
striking red/brown/white design
additional zipper pocket on the reverse side
Spotty Waste Pick-Up Bags -120 bags
Easy to use
100% leak proof
Refill Bags fit all Spotty Bone Dispensers
Spotty Puppy Training Pad – 30 Pads
These pads are perfect with or without the use of the Training Place
Convenient to use
No. of Pads – 30 pads
Spotty Jumbo Hair Remover
Great for pet beds, clothes, and sofas.
Convenient to use
Leaves the surface lint or hair free.
Spotty Odor Eliminator – 946 ml
Enzyme Powered odor eliminator
Eliminates Pet Odor leaving fresh fragrance
Great for airborne smells, pet beds and carpets
Spotty Spring Action Potty Scooper – Large
One handed pick-up design allows you to clean up your dog’s waste without even bending over or having to wrap your hands around it!
Convenient to use
Stores easily in two pieces;
When snapped together, Spotty Spring Action Scooper stands over 60cm (2′) tall
An easy squeeze handle
Heavy-duty Spring won’t fall open until you want to drop the waste into a bin
Spotty Bone Shaped Dispenser With Waste Pick-Up Bags – 30 Bags
Easy to carry
Easily attachable to belt or leash
This dispenser comes with an added 30 wasted pick up bags.