Specially Formulated Foods From Taiyo For Fish, Birds, Turtles & More

Little extra care in our nutrition can be helpful in bringing tremendous changes that will be good for our overall health and appearance. Same way, these little creatures (pets) also requires nutritious food for their overall well-being. Established in 2002, Taiyo is one of the renowned brands that can make your pet smile healthy and happy through their great line of products. Apart from being ISO certified manufacturer and exporters of animal feed they have also gained recognition with number of accolades.

Along with offering their highly nutritious flagship products such as fish feed, bird feed and small animal feed, they have also gained appreciation for introducing completely balanced feed for turtles, reptiles and other aquatic amphibians. Loaded with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients as per specific quantity, Taiyo product range can be answer to one of the best quality option for pet food.


TAIYO Spirulina Flake Fish Food – 100 gm
Spirulina and Algae, considered as one of the most important ingredients for all herbivore fishes.
Helps in maintaining their natural color.
Good for overall growth.
Could be combined with other tropical flakes.
Included of Lecithin and Astaxanthin for strong fish.
TAIYO Ever Red Red Parrot Fish Food – 220 gm
Contains spirulina , astaxanthin, , multivitamins, lecithin, and minerals for healthy growth of the fish.
Maintains their natural color.
Rich in proteins and high quality food.
With unique floating formula that reduces fish waste.
TAIYO Marine Flake Fish Food – 25 gm (Pack Of 4)
Perfect for all marine fishes.
Highly digestible.
With addition of multivitamins to boost vitamins.
Contains lecithin and spirulina for their healthy growth.
TAIYO Turtle Food – 500 gm
Helps in promoting stronger shell structure along with enhancing resistance against diseases.
It includes all high quality vitamins, proteins and minerals helpful in promoting overall health and growth.
The size and shape of this food is specially designed to meet the habit of the turtles and it can be easily eaten and does not cloud the water.
Complete balanced food for turtles.
TAIYO Economy Fish Food – 1.2 Kg
Improves appetite.
Helps in maintaining their shape.
Fortified with required vitamins thereby helps in promoting immunity against diseases.
Does not contaminate water.
Completely safe for your fish.