Buy Top-Quality feeders & Bowls Online From Belgium-Based Pet Accessory Brand Savic Pet’s Favourite

Established in 1952, Savic is one of the most trusted and leading name in manufacturing superior quality plastic products, cages and hygiene products for the pets. This thoroughly Belgian company has marked its presence through their assortment of quality products in not less than 80 countries across the five continents. Constancy, zeal, proficiency and through knowledge of the market are their leading pillars that have gained them worldwide recognition.

With a wide repertoire of products under their name, it’s difficult to categorize their vast range products. In addition to offering wire cages for small animals and birds, they also provide exceptional quality plastic pet accessories like Dog bowl, cat and dog feeding and drinking bowls, Carriers and Cat litter trays etc. Through their innovative and creatively designed products, they Endeavour to offer items that are perfectly suitable to every type of pets helping them to live in the most comfortable conditions along with considering the context of the national environment. Highly durable, Environment safe and reasonable values for prices are the qualities that make these products highly preferred choice of many pet owners for their loving pets.

Savic products at

Savic Picnic Cocker Bowl – 700ml – (LxWxH – 5.1×5.1×3.9 inch)
Extremely light weight
High sides avoid all spillages
Can be used for both water and food
Attractive blue color
Easy to clean
Completely durable
Multi utility bowl
Savic Picnic Cat Bowl – 200ml – (LxWxH – 4.7×4.7×1.2 inch)
Present in attractive color
Multi utility bowl
Food and water can be given together in same bowl
Easy to clean
Completely durable
Savic Slow Down Food & Water Dog Bowl 2 – (LxWxH – 8.5×8.5×2.4 inch)
Uniquely designed Anti gulping food and water bowl in melamine for greedy dog
reduces the risk of a bloating and aid in improving digestion
Available in 2 different colors: ivory and black
Savic Biba Drink Bottle For Small Animals – 100 ml
Easy to clean
Can be easily attached to the pet’s cage
Transparent to check water level
Durable and hygienic.