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Since 1935, Cipla has become one of the most respectable generic pharmaceutical companies in the entire world. Cipla was founded by Dr. K.A. Hamied. Many years ago Dr. K.A. Hamied endorsed a company in a rented bungalow in Mumbai Central. After four years Cipla Company was started. Today in the present time hardy any company is approved with Mahatma Gandhi Stamp. But Cipla following the self-sufficiency and swadeshi principles is approved with Mahatma Gandhi Stamp.

With the time Cipla has grabbed headlines with more than 20,000 employees and with an annual turnover of US$1.4 billion. Cipla facilities are spread all over India and its products are now exported to more than 180 countries. Company headquarters are still in Mumbai Central but no more in rented bungalow.

Cipla has become one of the largest pharmaceutical Companies and known for its many pioneering achievements. Cipla staff is awarded by many trophies, awards and accolades by various quarters. Recently Cipla is awarded by Thomson Reuters India Innovation Award.
Speaking of animals, Cipla is the largest Veterinary Pharmaceutical Exporter. Cipla serves its veterinary services in more than 100 companies. Cipla is the first animal health care products company that not only serve in India but it also supply its products in many other countries including- Mexico, US, Brazil, Europe, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Turkey, South Africa etc.

Company covers almost all animal groups from canines, horses, cats, poultry, and even aqua products. Companion animal care and Equine products continue to be its focus areas. Immunosuppressants, Anti-Infectives, Anti-Thyroids, Nutraceuticals, Parasiticides, Anti- Inflammatories, and Feed Additives are the key therapeutic segments.
Cipla has built in-house capabilities for manufacturing and development of dosage forms such as External spray, Spot-on, Immunosuppressant Soft Gel Capsule, Sterile Injection, Oral Paste, Beta Lactam oral formulation and Oral Powder.
Cipla provides world-class and affordable range of products for cats and dogs. These are basically classified into six categories. The categories are as follows:

1) Deworming: Triworm range of dewormering tablets will provide immunity and help your dog to fight against many diseases. These tablets tackle whipworms, ascarids, tapeworms and hookworms in cats and dogs. Triworm-D XL and Triworm-D tablets are used for dogs while Triworm-C tablets are for cats.

2) Flea and tick control: Fiprotec tonics are used for the treatment and prevention of flea and tick infestations on dogs and cats.

3) Joint care: GCS-DOG OMEGA liquid, GCS-DOG OMEGA chews and GCS-DOG powder helps in managing the bones and joints of your pet. These medicines are used for dogs to protect them from joint diseses, while GCS-CAT OMEGA gel are used for cats.

4) Skin care: Antiseptic Dermavet cream is used by animals to accelerate the wound-healing. Oticlear is an ear-cleansing solution, Efazol is a skin and coat care solution and the Cipla band cohesive bandages.

5) Scheduled: Anti-inflammatory PETCAM oral suspension for sundry animals.

6) Anxiety and stress: Calmeze range of anti-anxiety and -stress pills, liquids and gels – all meant to soothe the nerves of dogs and pussies.

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