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Everyone has a story to tell! So does the founder Bhupendra Khanal, who is the person behind providing tasty yet healthy products by Dogsee chew. While trekking in Elam, a small district in Nepal he was amazed by the immense amount of energy with shining fur and perfect teeth of local stray dogs. It prompted him to know the source behind it. After interacting with the villagers, he was amazed to know that these dogs were often chewing on Churpi or hardened Yak Milk cheese. Considering it as an inspiration as healthy dog food, his immense love for dog and continuous research resulted in the formation of ‘Dogsee Chew’ products. Dogsee chew offers products that are organic and healthy treat for your loving dogs, with high protein and less carbs. It is highly nourishing and quality snacking alternative for your loving pooch. Best quality products from the Himalayan range (Nepal and Darjeeling) and their products have always been traditionally made. Looking for wholesome yummy treats for your furry friends? Dogsee chew products are going to be your four legged pal’s favorite treat.


Highly Nutritious
High in proteins, less in carbs
Made with natural ingredients , real veggies and fruits
Variety of flavors like : Banana , orange, pumpkin etc
Promotes overall health
Organic and Healthy
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Dogsee Chew Bars – 100 gm
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Dogsee Chew Puffies – 70 gm