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Choostix, is the leading brand in the market for over 15 years. It is one of the most established manufacturers of premium treats and snacks for your furry pooch. Since food adulteration is major factor for ruining health, Choostix ensures that the health of your loving pets never suffer due to same. With latest modern machinery and equipment, this company focuses in providing top quality products without adulteration. With the promise to give the best, it is the exporter of providing wide range of products in the markets of USA, UK, Europe and Australia. Utterly satisfying the natural urge to chew, Choostix provides perfect treats for your dogs. Being conscious towards changing requirements and innovation through Research and Development is their forte.
Product Features:
Promotes healthy teeth and gums
No Adulteration
Pet food with herbal twist
Fortified with enzymes, spirulina and mint flavor
Immunity and Energy booster
Better digestion, controls bad breath
Helps in overall growth of your dog
Safe products Some of the choostix products –
Dog Chew Twirls Choostix 100g
Dog Chew Twirls Choostix 150g
Dog Chew Twirls Choostix 200 gm
Dog Chew Leg Large Choostix
Dog Chew Anti Stress Plus Choostix 450g
Dog Chew Calcium Plus Choostix 450 gm
Dog Chew Vitamin Plus Choostix 450 gm
Dog Chew Dental Plus Choostix 450g
Dog Skin & Coat Choostix 450g
Dog Beef Choostix 450g