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Where there’s a will there’s a way’. Vitapol, the Poland based company is result of a strong will and dedication of an animal lover, Piotr Matuszewski. His continuous efforts found a way to combine work with passion, which led to the formation of this renowned brand in 1991. This company strives through the idea of promoting and maintaining health of our little pets. They believe in following every single measure that could be helpful for the well being of animals.

Just as years pass and bring along new things, same way this brand introduced distinctive product range and new lines so that every pet will find something unique for themselves. Still, the one product that gained huge fan following is –smakers, which is unique due to its production process which allows it to retain vitamins and miners along with prolonged shelf life.  From using high leveled quality ingredients to opting user friendly packaging technique, each vitapol product is not just for animals, but mainly to the love for animals.


  • Exclusively formed as per specific birds
  • Helps in maintaining natural colors of feathers
  • Builds immunity and nervous system
  • Provides valuable natural vitamins and minerals
  • Loaded with essential nutrients for birds
  • User friendly packaging
  • vital during moulting phase
  • Maintains and strengthens the bones

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