Growth is an important concern when you have pet fishes, especially the growth of the head. Atlas Fish Foods are specially designed and produced to offer speedy head growth to pet fishes of a variety. When fed with the right formula and in the right schedule, the growth of the fishes and especially their head can be ensured. Made with spirulina and krill extracts, Atlas fish foods are rich in nutrients and growth-boosting formula. Besides, it also has color enhancing elements that promote fish’s sparkle dots in 2-3 weeks. The immunity of the fish is another major concern of fish parents. Atlas Fish Food is made with special immune-boosting substances and is known to boost fish’s resistance against diseases. Different formulas are ideal for different fishes but the majority of them can be used to feed a wide variety of fishes. The common ingredients of Atlas Fish Food include Fish and fish derivatives, Shrimp meal, Soya Meal, Corn Meal, Wheat Flour, Fish Oil, Yeast, Lecithin, Natural Astaxanthin, Spirulina, and more. Buy affordable Atlas Fish Food in your desired quantity today and care for the nutritional requirements of your fishes.